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The big benefit of Warner is that we will work with you to see what you want and then we can make it to suit your property, be it height, width, style and colour.   Being NZ made you can choose so much more, be it height, a colour to match your roof or aluminium windows, or of course a big choice of styles

We will work with you to choose the fence most suitable for you, and we will ask you to define precisely the functions you expect it to perform. A fence can fill several functions at once: it can be both elegant and stylish and at the same time prevent unwanted visitors from entering your property; it can hide your home and protect your privacy and at the same time be functional and un-intimidating.

We have tools that enable you to decide what works best for you.  Be it our APP that will show you what a new fence will look like on your property, our showrooms in major cities so you can see what you are buying before you commit, or our team of capable sales people, Warner will work with you to ensure you get what you are after.

By selecting the most appropriate design/style of fence and gate this will enhance the value of your property, thereby reducing the significance of the initial cost.

Warner have a solution for every property, including curves, contours, slopes and changes in levels. Posts may be concreted into the ground or fastened onto existing concrete or timber decks. Warner Fences can incorporate Fencing and Gates between existing Masonry or Brick Pillars.

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Wherever you may be in New Zealand we have a Warner representative ready to help you. We are all about working with you to design and build your fence, gate or balustrade that enhances your property. To enquire today please fill in the form below or call your local Warner branch.

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