Gate Automation

Automatic gates offer convenience and improved security for your property. Warner installs Centurion, one of the world’s most reliable and highly regarded automation systems.

Want Controlled Access?

We have tried and tested solutions ready for you.

Control Access

All Warner automatic gates include safety features that electronically sense obstructions, causing the motors to stop then reverse

Installation and after-sales service
All Warner equipment reaches the highest standards of reliability. Our backup and after-sales service is second to none. Our own electrical engineer is on hand in many locations.

Home Automation
Warner automation can interface with many home automation and alarm systems.


Intercoms are a convenient addition enabling visitors to communicate from the gate to the residence/building. Gates are easily activated by a button on the intercom handset within the property.

  • Available for single user or multi-user apartments
  • Video intercom options in black/white or colour allow
    visual identification
  • Wireless intercoms can operate over long distances
    helping avoid major cabling costs
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  • Offer selected visitors entrance to the property
  • Selected codes activate gates or garage doors
  • Ideal for metre readers, gardeners or other
    regular visitors
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  • Available in 1, 2 and 4-channel
  • Useful for gates, garage doors or external lighting
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Electronic locks

All Warner gates, including pedestrian gates, can be fitted with electronic locks for additional convenience and security. We supply purpose-designed European locks for gates.

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Infrared (IR) security beams

  • Enhance security and safety by detecting the passage of a
    vehicle or person through an entrance.
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Solo proximity access

  • Provide security access control through doors and gates
  • Zap Tags fit neatly onto a keyring
  • Optional identification labels
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