School Fences

School & Childcare Fencing
Warner Security and School Fences have been installed to provide quality solutions to define and secure boundaries.

First Impression
School frontages create a major impact on the style of the school. The first impression can affect how the parents and students feel about the image of the school.

Security Vs Cost of Fencing
Warner Security Fences can significantly reduce the vandalism repair bill for a school with a sure investment in quality fences and gates for the next few decades.

Warner have brought many school frontages from the old look of the 70’s into the modern look of today.

Warner have extensive experience with fencing of schools nationally as they have been selected by hundreds of schools and childcare facilities throughout New Zealand for the purposes of enhancement, protecting the children, staff and premises. Warner installation teams are trained and accredited in the safety and hazard implications of working where children are present.

Recent Projects